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10-minute phone consultation* - this service is for 1-2 simple question scenario.  It is not suitable for complex cases or discussion.   


15-minute phone consultation* - this is appropriate for cases with some details and multiple question (2-3).  For non-complex queries only.

20-minute phone consultation* - this is suitable for multiple question (1-5) scenario or with case history, dates and events.  Does not include extensive research and analysis.


30-minute phone consultation* - choose this option if you wish to discuss your case and ponder immigration options

Follow up phone consultation* - Offered to existing clients for up to 10 minutes to discuss missed, follow up questions related to the same issue.  This feature is available only for next day of initial meeting.  Attorney will rely on notes taken during prior consultations; so please inform us of the date(s) of prior meetings to enable us to retrieve the information.  

*Phone consultations do not include document review, help with completing forms, legal research and analysis.  It is geared to guide and answer legal questions prospective clients have about their case.  Choose from below options for document and form review, or contact our office for a custom quote for your legal needs.

All other consultation* - All other consultations and services are offered at $250 - $450 per hour attorney fee depending on complexity of service.

In-office consultation* - Initial consultation offered for up to 45 minutes and includes brief review of related paper work. Follow up or elaborate document review is not included.  Contact our office for the appointment.

Review of RFE and advice* - We usually review the underlying application and supporting documents filed with USCIS, the RFE (5 pages maximum) and schedule a 30-minute discussion on the issue to be addressed.  If your case or RFE is complex, we will quote you the fee accordingly.  This service does not include drafting a response.  We work with you to understand your needs and you may seek a quote if you wish our office file the RFE response for you.

Review of one form* - We assist with completing one form and guide with documents you submit to support your application.  Review of supporting documents not included.

Review of one application* - We review your application and basic supporting documents that go with every application.  If your case is unique and requires review of criminal file, sponsorship documents, drafting affidavits, preparing support letters, write ups, elaborate photographs and details to explain any deficiencies, that will not be included and we will provide a quote for the extensive review.   If you do not wish to proceed with our additional quote, we will proceed with review of the form and the basic supporting documents.  

Review of documents for filing* - Contact our office for a quote.

Immigration consequences of criminal actions* – This service includes review of charge sheet, police statement, and final disposition.  Ideally send us a certified copy of your criminal record (not exceeding 15 pages.)  Ask for quote for extensive review of file.  If record is expunged (not recommended for immigration purposes) you may submit a photocopy.

This service does not include a written advisory memo or opinion.  It includes review, research, analysis and a 30-minute discussion to advise you of the potential immigration consequences of your criminal actions.

If the charges are pending and you are considering a plea bargain, the consultation fees may vary depending on options you are being offered.  Contact our office for a quote.

If you need a written opinion following the discussion, we quote you the fee after the consultation depending on the complexity of the case.

*Other Terms and Conditions - All consultations start and end promptly at the time scheduled.  If you wish to exceed the time slot chosen, you may be asked to pay additional fees.  We start working on your case immediately and so if you wish to cancel a service, immediately call our office for a full refund.  Cancellations are accepted only before any work is done on cases.  Contact our office immediately if you do not wish to avail of our services.  For forms and documents submitted and reviewed, analysis provided or any work done and attorney fees considered earned and refunds will not be provided.

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